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Top Year-End Challenges for SPED Leaders

Chart showing top challenges

The 2016-17 school year is barely ending, but many special education directors are already looking ahead to next year while managing the annual frenzy of tests and activities that take place in May and June. Last month we asked about these year-end challenges. Top stressors were staffing for next year, completing evaluations, and ensuring all IEP services have been delivered. Among write-in responses, paperwork continues to be a plague.

So, how can we help? PresenceLearning offers a number of resources and services to address some of these challenges:

  • Budget planning: Peter Bittel, co-founder and CEO of the Futures HealthCore, and Dr. Nicholas Young, Superintendent of South Hadley Public Schools, share their advice in our white paper “Transforming Special Education in a Challenging Fiscal Environment.
  • Staffing: Live, online special education services can augment teams overwhelmed by high workloads/caseloads as well as districts affected by shortages of qualified therapists. Our collection of ebooks address commonly asked questions about this service delivery model for speech therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral and mental health services. We’re always happy to schedule a demo with you as well to answer any specific questions you might have.
  • Evaluations: PresenceLearning provides initial, annual, triennial, and exit evaluations, helping to improve efficiency in qualifying students for, or exiting them from, services. Check out our growing list here.
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