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No more waiting: Presence helps schools serve students with special needs


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When a student is struggling, the road to accessing special education support can be daunting. Parents know their child needs extra help, but the wait for answers and critical support makes the future seem even more uncertain.

As for school districts? They’re just as overwhelmed. Increased student needs, staffing shortages, and evaluation backlogs mean administrators, clinicians, and special educators are also left waiting on solutions.

No more waiting. There’s hope for a brighter future, and it starts today.

Discover how teletherapy transforms special education-related service delivery by helping schools and students get the resources they need—when and where they need them. Watch as students with a range of unique abilities connect with clinicians, engage with specially tailored session activities, and build the foundational skills they need to thrive.

At Presence, we know that uplifting students with special needs, families, and school support teams comes down to accessible special education support. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about how teletherapy can help diverse learners unlock their potential.

About Presence

As a trusted leader in teletherapy since 2009, we’re innovating how schools assess and address student special education and mental health needs. By equipping the largest network of teletherapy providers with award-winning technology and end-to-end clinical support, we’re meeting the needs of schools, students, and clinicians today. With over 6 million remote evaluations and teletherapy sessions conducted throughout the U.S., schools and teletherapists trust our experience and expertise as a pioneer in school-based teletherapy.

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