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Partner of the year award for excellence in special education
Partner of the Year

Celebrating exemplary service to students

Every year, schools nationwide face challenges in providing essential support to students–especially those with special needs. As a result, some districts have opted for remote special education-related services to help bridge staffing gaps and expand onsite bandwidth. Our Partner of the Year award recognizes the inspiring districts that go above and beyond to create equity, lead with empathy, and demonstrate dedication as they innovate new strategies to empower diverse learners.

Congratulations to our six 2023–24 award winners! Thank you for making a difference for students with special needs.
Partner of the year award for excellence in special education

What makes a Partner of the Year?

Whether from rural, urban, or virtual school communities, Partner of the Year award-winners consistently embody excellence in special education services and represent the following core values:

Equitable service delivery

Adjusts service models to accommodate special needs

Thoughtful innovation

Explores new student support strategies with an open mind

Dedication to students

Provides timely referrals and puts students at the forefront of their decision-making process

Empathetic leadership

Recognizes each student and educator as unique with individual strengths and aspirations

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