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Top Related Services Challenges for Related Services Staff

Pie chart of poll responses

June brings a sigh of relief to school districts as the final flurry of activity comes to an end. Last month, we checked in with on-the-ground SLPs, OTs, and mental health professionals to see what some of the biggest challenges are at this time of year. Completing evaluations was ranked highly among related services staff and special education directors alike. Job burnout, however, was the biggest stressor for clinicians. We’ll look at some of the reasons for burnout next month, but in the meantime PresenceLearning offers a number of resources for clinicians who may be thinking about a way to reignite their careers:

  • Videos: You can hear clinicians from the PresenceLearning network share insights about their experience working with students online, follow an SLP through a typical day, and learn more about the technology that powers online therapy.
  • Virtually Speaking: Our clinical blog is by clinicians, for clinicians.
  • Nuts and bolts: This webpage tells you everything you need to know about contracting with PresenceLearning.
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