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Save Time and Get Organized With New Kanga Teletherapy Scheduling

Clinicians lose hours in conventional scheduling and documentation tasks that squeeze time away from teletherapy.* Time-consuming preparation, pre-planning for individual sessions, and compliance deadlines pile up for caseloads with 40–60 students per therapist. Then there’s all the time spent in back-and-forth coordination between multiple schedules and manually creating calendar events.

Scheduling has to get easier.

Kanga by Presence supports clinicians with these everyday challenges with all-in-one scheduling features. Now speech-language pathologists, school psychologists, independent practitioners, and school-based therapists can:

  • Prioritize daily, weekly, and monthly schedules with multiple calendar views
  • Plan and prepare for upcoming compliance deadlines
  • Access their entire roster of students at a click of a button
  • Quickly edit, create, or delete scheduled items as calendars change
  • Automatically add details to student profiles, better track sessions
  • Organize schedules by creating and deleting recurring events that clog calendar views

When therapists are responsible for delivering a required amount of service minutes to every student on their roster at a specific interval and frequency, having these scheduling capabilities linked to centralized notes and documentation significantly streamlines workflow.

Scheduling is linked through the award-winning, HIPAA-compliant Kanga platform used to manage caseloads, track student progress, and deliver teletherapy and assessments. Do more of what you love by reducing administrative work. Watch how easy it is to schedule work with Kanga.

Try Kanga for FREE today or learn more about Kanga by Presence on our website.

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