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Presence Voices: Great Place to Work with Clifton Mason

Clifton Mason, Senior IT Manager

Clifton Mason joined the PresenceLearning team in 2018 as a support representative. Today, he is Senior IT Manager. We invited Clifton to talk with us about his experience working with PresenceLearning.

We’d love to hear how PresenceLearning is a great place to work in your experience.

Since I’ve been with PresenceLearning for quite a few years now, one of the main things that has been a very important factor in why I think it’s a great place to work is the opportunity to learn a lot of new systems and processes, and especially, communication skills. As I’ve grown through my roles here, I’ve learned a lot of skills that I did not have previously.

For instance, being in the IT world, I would say there’s a stigma about IT technicians not having great communication—not communicating often or not being able to make things very understandable by putting things in layman’s terms. Working here has allowed me to exercise that skill—to understand what type of employees that I’m working with and how they like information given to them. It’s definitely allowed me to work on my communication skills and to progress. Throughout the years with PresenceLearning, I think that’s one of the best things.

Another thing is since the pandemic we’ve been able to work from home. That has been a very huge piece for me, as I am socially anxious. Although I definitely can be around a lot of people, I work my best in a more enclosed environment where there are not too many people there. So working from home has played a big role in being able to perform my best and I think that’s a very amazing thing that PresenceLearning has allowed us to do.

How do you serve the PresenceLearning mission of ensuring that all students receive the services they need to grow and thrive?

The biggest mission I have is making sure that students are reaching their goals, depending on what type of therapy and services they’re receiving. We want students to reach their ultimate goals. As Senior IT Manager, I don’t work directly with providers and students. I work with the employees who work with them. My work with the employees directly affects how they work with their providers and their students. I make sure that their systems are running and that they have access that they need. Let’s say, for instance, someone has an issue with their machine. They have an interview going on and their machine is shutting down. I play a crucial role making sure that first, their computer is back up and running ASAP, and second, they’re able to provide the services they’re responsible for, whether it’s working with the therapist directly, or working with systems and information that they use with the students within our platform. These are the pieces that we need to make sure that students are reaching their goal here.

I work closely with district IT staff to ensure that we are protected in all our communications from phishing, scamming, all types of attacks. I play a crucial role in that for PresenceLearning. Protecting student data as we’re communicating is another essential task—we make sure that the students’ information and data is protected.  I’ll often work directly with districts’ IT departments to make sure that we have safe and open lines of communication so that we can get them communicating with their staff to make sure the students are entering services and getting everything done on time to meet their goals.

From the very start, I was drawn to the PresenceLearning mission. Before PresenceLearning, I was a computer support specialist for a high school in north Philadelphia. I’m from Philadelphia. So I worked in the high school as a lead technician. I was working directly with the teachers who needed assistance and with the students as well, with their technology when it didn’t work, and managing services there. I always had a draw to assisting and working with students. That was a big piece as to why I wanted to work with PresenceLearning in the first place.


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