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Presence Voices: Great Place to Work with Abby Seitelman

Abby Seitelman, Customer Success Associate

Abby Seitelman joined PresenceLearning in March, 2021. She supports special education directors, superintendents, and occasionally principals in school districts using the PresenceLearning platform. Previously, Abby was the director of admissions and customer success at a private school. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We’d love to hear how PresenceLearning is a great place to work in your experience.

There are lots of things that I love (and this isn’t in any particular order). I love the collaborative focus. Even though we all work individually and we’re all remote, there is such a camaraderie of community in my own Therapy Essentials team, and then also in the next level, when I get to meet with all the people on the customer success team, or the marketing and other teams. I love that collaboration is embraced, welcomed, and wanted.

I also really love that PresenceLearning is woman-led, and I feel that because of Kate Eberle Walker, our CEO, and all those that do the hiring, PresenceLearning is a very woman-centric company. I think that PresenceLearning is definitely changing the face of the workplace for women, especially in technology. It’s wonderful to have a space where equality is spoken about. It’s important that we give the same opportunity to women as men, and it’s definitely apparent when you’re on these calls.

On top of that, I Iove the diversity of the people who work here. Even on my specific team, the diversity of my team of 11 is incredible. I noticed that immediately. I just thought, “Wow!” I’m so used to coming from all white top- and mid-level people, so to be in the minority was just absolutely phenomenal to experience. I’ve loved it. It’s been really special.

How do you serve the PresenceLearning mission of ensuring that all students receive the services they need to grow and thrive?

I value facilitating districts’ outreach to all students, particularly those with special needs. The reason why I love this platform is that it positively impacts all students with special needs. One of the most powerful impacts I’ve seen has been with those who live rurally where no provider lives within 100 miles. I love that this company came up with a solution for how these children can get the services they need and benefit from early intervention by having access to providers virtually. I love the inclusivity that this platform provides to special needs children.

It’s inspiring to me that PresenceLearning had the vision 12 years ago that virtual was the way of the future, even before many people saw virtual therapy as a viable and meaningful alternative to the status quo.

My first focus was really the students before I learned about all the fabulous things that the providers have access to with the platform. Having seen how the students now get to work with providers who can have much easier access to all the tools, manipulatives, and games on the platform to make the child’s services much more beneficial for them, the benefits for providers managing workload and avoiding burnout is really tremendous. I also love that it gives students an opportunity to be able to receive services at their own flexible time. It might happen during the school day. It could happen in their own home. And it can just be happening quietly in the back of the classroom on a computer—using technology they know and love.

I love education. I came to PresenceLearning from working at a private school as the director of admissions and customer success. In my role at the private school, I worked with a lot of edtech companies. I love that we’re out there, specifically for the kids with special needs, and the providers and school teams who support them.


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