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Strategies to Nurture Success for Diverse Learners

, Primary Category: Behavior and Mental Health

It’s critical for the education ecosystem to support the diverse learners in our schools today. These are individuals who have unique learning needs and may benefit from individualized or differentiated instruction modalities and supports. For example, children in special education programs, children with mental health challenges, English Language Learners, and neurodiverse students may learn differently and benefit from accommodations or adaptations.

In an educational landscape reeling from the effects of years of disrupted schooling, we must spotlight diverse learners, who, more than others, continue to feel the impacts of disruption most severely. Meanwhile, schools nationwide are reporting a shortage of special education and English learner instructors. We cannot afford to maintain the status quo: now is the time for education leaders not only to focus on the unique needs of diverse learners but also to commit to deploying cutting-edge solutions to accelerate their academic and social development.

In this webinar, presented by Presence and ASU+GSV Summit, join school district leaders and Edtech innovators to explore strategies to combat the long-standing, compounding issues facing diverse learners.

Get actionable insights on:

  • Leveraging teletherapy to fill critical service gaps
  • Investing in accessible educational infrastructure
  • Getting families on board with new intervention techniques

Meet the Speakers

  • Headshot of Kate Eberle Walker

    Kate Eberle Walker

    Presence CEO
  • Headshot of Vijay Ravindran

    Vijay Ravindran

    Floreo CEO
  • Headshot of Darin Brawley

    Darin Brawley

    Superintendent of Compton Unified School District
  • Headshot of Erin Mote

    Erin Mote

    Executive Director and Co-Founder of InnovateEDU
  • Headshot of Tiffany Taylor

    Tiffany Taylor

    Chief People & Impact Officer at GSV Ventures and ASU+GSV Summit

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