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From boredom to a newfound passion

How teletherapy reinvigorated one SLP’s career

From running a Hollywood voice-over agency to hosting speech therapy seminars, Jennifer K., MS, CCC-SLP, flourished in the diversified speech-language industry. After two decades in the field, though, she began to feel a little bored by her daily routine. When COVID-19 added logistic stress to the mix in 2020, Jennifer knew it was time for a change.

Quality meets convenience

Motivated by work-from-home flexibility and new, exciting career opportunities, Jennifer began exploring teletherapy.

“It was immediately evident that Presence was far superior,” she recalled, citing accommodating scheduling as a key point of interest. “I can work when it fits both my schedule and the school or parent as needed.”

The Presence platform’s award-winning tools, resources, and assessment libraries have packed major benefits, too, according to Jennifer.

“I’ve been able to provide extremely high-quality assessments via the platform which has been amazing…I can do a detailed record review to select the best assessment protocol.”

A new community

Many SLPs can relate to feelings of isolation as they travel from school to school, often as the sole speech-language clinician in their given district. With Presence, Jennifer reaps the benefit of working on her own terms, plus a supportive, collaborative online network of thousands of therapy providers like her.

I have a community now with other Presence clinicians—speech pathologists, occupational therapists, school psychologists. It’s exciting to have peers all over the country for community, collaboration, and inspiration.

Jennifer also notes that, since joining Presence, she’s fostered a closer collaboration with on-site teachers, resource professionals, administrators, and parents than when she worked in person.

“I have better communication with the school teams which makes my day and week feel very enjoyable, worthwhile, and inspired,” she explained. “I have a lot more collaboration with the special education team—when I was onsite, I would barely see them.

Outstanding outreach

With thousands of digital learning resources, games, and activities, the Presence platform works hand-in-hand with clinicians to provide best-in-class, personalized therapy sessions while paring down planning and documentation workloads. And the results? Better work-life balance and student engagement. Take it from Jennifer: “I’m relating to the students now even more than I did in person, which I didn’t think was possible.”

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