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Clinician Spotlight: Barbara J.

Barbara J., M.S., CCC-SLP

Barbara J., M.S., CCC-SLP, grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, went to college in Texas where she lived for 9 years after graduate school, and then moved to Arkansas where she’s lived ever since. She joined the PresenceLearning Care Network of providers in 2016.

How has the PL online platform enabled you to help your students and the schools you serve in new ways?

Prior to being served by PresenceLearning, the schools in my PL district were visited by an SLP only once per quarter. The towns are only accessible by ferry and floatplane, making weekly services impossible. The SLP did all evaluations and training of staff in one day each quarter. For the past three years the children have received regular, weekly services from PL. The caseload is nearly halved now, since many of the students have met their goals and been dismissed from therapy.

Can you tell us a little about how you collaborate with teachers and other school staff members?

It is my priority to let the school staff and faculty know how valuable they are to me. I truly cannot serve the students without them! I keep in touch by email at least weekly with my designated school contacts, and I make sure that the PSPs know what is needed for each session. I consider many of the staff friends now!

How do you build trust and rapport with parents?

My greatest opportunity to establish a face-to-face relationship with parents is through IEP meetings. I attend these meetings through the PL platform. It is important for me to know the needs and desires that the parents have concerning their child’s communication, and I incorporate their input into the child’s IEP. I always make sure that parents have access to my contact information so that they can ask questions throughout the school year.

What advice would you give districts considering online therapy?

Online therapy is an evidence-based, effective, and engaging means of providing quality services to children.

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