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The PL Care Network: A Foundation Built By A Community Of Clinical Support

This month we spoke with Kristin Martinez, M.A., CCC-SLP, Head of Clinical Standards and Outreach with PresenceLearning, to discuss how therapy happens online within the PresenceLearning platform. During this interview, Kristin focuses on the outlets for support that PresenceLearning offers providers in the PL Care Network.

What type of support does PL offer to new clinicians in the PL Care Network?

Support for our new and returning providers is a top priority for PL, and we offer multiple options depending on what is needed. After first contracting with PL, all providers have access to Telehealth Institute, a self-paced tutorial on all things PL. Beyond Telehealth Institute, all providers have access to our Support Services department, our team of clinical quality managers, as well as the provider community through our PL community online platform, The Lounge.

How does Telehealth Institute set PL Care Network providers up for success?

Telehealth Institute is composed of time-efficient, self-paced modules that walk PL’s newly contracted providers through everything they need to know about successfully navigating and working with PL’s platform, therapy room, documentation, billing, and provider community. Furthermore, TI modules are always available if providers need to revisit a section as a refresher or for extra practice.

What happens when there’s a technical glitch before or after a session?

If the school is having a technical problem or if there’s an issue on the provider side of things, PL Care Network providers are encouraged to reach out to our Support Services Department for immediate assistance—Support Services is open from 5am-5pm. Providers can access support using chat within the room, and by phone or email.

Can you describe the clinical support offered to PL providers?

PL’s Clinical Quality Manager (CQM) team includes licensed SLPs, OTs, and School Psychologists, all of whom have years of teletherapy experience with PL, and support all PL clinical services across the country. New providers have the opportunity to meet with CQMs prior to starting their first assignments, and all providers can send questions to the clinical team through Support Services at any time.

In addition to the CQM team, providers will have support from a lead clinician once they receive an assignment. As some of our most seasoned providers, PL’s lead clinicians continue to engage in direct therapy services, but they are also available to answer district-specific questions and to support providers throughout the school year with each individual school assignment. The CQM team works closely with lead clinicians to ensure providers and clinical services are well supported.

How can providers reach each other for therapy ideas/ questions?

Imagine having hundreds of SLPs, OTs, or behavior and mental health specialists as part of your provider community! The Lounge is PL’s online community and is a place where all providers can join groups related to their discipline or specialized service area, ask questions, and share ideas and resources. New providers can meet each other and will often reach out to find a “practice buddy” prior to their first assignment.

If you’re considering making a transition to telepractice and are interested in joining the PL Care Network as an independent contractor, please fill out an application today!

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