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Come and Get It! A Legal Update on Discipline and Mental Health Issues for Special Ed Leaders

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  • Headshot of Julie Weatherly, Esq.

    Julie Weatherly, Esq.

    Attorney at Law
  • Headshot of Stephanie Taylor

    Stephanie Taylor

    Ed.S, NCSP, PresenceLearning

This summer, we’re unpacking a virtual picnic of meaty, legal topics like student behavior and mental health services. To carve up these hot topics into bite-sized nuggets, we have Julie Weatherly, Esq., a perennial favorite explainer of special ed-related legal issues, presenting the latest cases and their implications, and answering your questions. Join us on July 11 for a special 1-hour and 45-minute webinar where we present today’s most troubling topics … and the expert guidance you need to be prepared for the 2017-2018 school year.

Julie J. Weatherly, Esq. is the owner of Resolutions in Special Education, Inc. with offices and attorneys in Alabama and Florida. Julie is a member of the State Bars of Alabama and Georgia, and for over 30 years, has provided legal representation and consultation to school agencies across the country in the area of educating students with disabilities. She has been a member of the faculty for many national and state legal institutes and is a frequent speaker at special education law conferences. Julie has developed a number of training programs that support special education legal compliance and has been published nationally as a part of her trainings, workshops and seminars. She is the author of the legal update article for the National CASE quarterly newsletter and is a member of LRP’s Special Education Attorneys Advisory Council. In June of 1996, Julie appeared with Leslie Stahl on CBS news program “60 Minutes” to discuss the cost of meeting the legal requirements of the IDEA. In 1998, she was honored by Georgia’s Council for Exceptional Children as the Individual who had Contributed Most to Students with Disabilities, and in April 2012, Julie received the Award for Outstanding Service from the National Council of Administrators of Special Education.

Please note: Certificates of attendance and/or continuing education opportunities are not available for on-demand webinars. Any references in the videos only apply to the live webinars attendees.

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