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Presence Platform Equipment and Technical Requirements

Last Updated: December 1, 2023

The Presence platform is easy to use and entirely web based—that means there is no software to install or maintain. All students who receive clinical services through the Presence platform need access to:

  • A device—see list below
  • A browser—see list below
  • Internet connection of at least 0.5 Mbps (500 Kbps) for upload and download speed. If possible, a wired Ethernet connection is recommended to resolve location-based connectivity issues. You can run a speed test at
  • A webcam—see the recommended hardware below
  • An audio headset—see the recommended hardware below

Device and Browsers

In order to use all functions of the Presence platform effectively, you must use a device with an updated operating system and an updated web browser. The following devices, browsers, and versions are currently supported:

  • A PC running Microsoft Windows® 8 or later with the latest version of Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox™, or Microsoft Edge™ web browser.
  • A Mac® running Apple macOS® 10.12 or later with the latest version of Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox™, or Microsoft Edge™ web browser.
  • A Chromebook™ with an 11.6 inch display running the latest version of Chrome OS™ with the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser.
  • A compatible iPad (iPad Air® 2nd or 3rd generation, iPad 5th, 6th, or 7th generation, or any iPad Pro® model) running Apple iPadOS® 13.6 or later with the latest version of the Apple Safari® web browser. Access to the Presence platform on an iPad is available to students only. Assessments are not supported on iPads devices.

We do not support Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari on macOS, or other browsers not listed above. You can download one of the supported browsers through these links:


If your device does not have a built-in webcam, we recommend an HD webcam. A headset with a microphone is not required but is highly recommended for optimal audio quality. Below are hardware recommendations:

Hardware Type Requirements Suggested Brand Suggested Model
Webcam with tripod Attachable tripod
Video resolution 1920X1080
Auto focus
Field of View = 65°
Headset Noise-canceling microphone
40mm stereo speakers with deep bass sound
Headset USB Noise-canceling microphone
40mm stereo speakers with deep bass sound
Splitter Splitter cable allows you to connect 2 headphones simultaneously to your computer so parents and providers can monitor and listen to what the student is hearing ANDREA Y-100B
Sound card External USB headset adapter with CD quality digital sample rates
Bypasses a computer’s sound system, creating superior low-noise audio
Document camera Capture images of A4 and US letter pages
Built-in LED lights
HUE HD Pro Camera

Security, Firewall, and Content Filtering

If you are a school district, your IT department will need to review the following sections in order to enable or whitelist certain necessary domains.

Required for students receiving services

Purpose Outbound Ports Domains
Presence web applications and services TCP 443 *
Real-time data synchronization for joining sessions, therapy activities, therapy environment management, and collaboration features TCP 443 *
Hosting for third-party assets and libraries TCP 443
Security certificate verification TCP 443
Live video chat during therapy sessions TCP 443
Live video chat during therapy sessions UDP 3478 *
Presence Support Services chat TCP 443 *
Allows the student to browse the web under the therapist’s supervision
See FAQ below for information on limiting access.
TCP 443 *

Recommended for students receiving services

Purpose Outbound Ports Domains
For the best possible video chat experience and may be required on networks with congestion issues UDP 1025-65525 *

Optional for students receiving services

Purpose Outbound Ports Domains
Therapy content from YouTube TCP 443 *

Required for school staff and providers

Purpose Outbound Ports Domains
Shared documents for managing services TCP 443
Training videos and guidance TCP 443


How can I prevent unwanted student access to

To prevent use of outside the Presence platform, explicitly block “” in your firewall above where “*” is allowed.

How do I know if my computer is compatible with the platform?
Simply visit to run a Tech Check. You can email the results to Tech Support if you encounter any issues.

Can students use single sign-on (SSO) with the Presence platform?

When students join a session with Presence clinicians, they use a unique therapy room link shared by their clinician. Students do not have to worry about remembering passwords or usernames!

Can the Presence platform be integrated with student information systems (SIS)?

The Presence platform does not support SIS integration at this time.

What equipment and technical specifications are required for schools to utilize the Presence platform? 

Please refer to our Tech Requirements web page.*

*Additional questions may be forwarded to

Are tablets and mobile devices appropriate for administering psychoeducational assessments?

Some assessments require multi-camera functionality which is not enabled by tablets and mobile devices. To adhere to best practices, Presence recommends administering assessments using desktop or laptop computers.

How does the Presence platform protect student privacy?

Student data security is of the utmost importance to Presence: We will not sell or otherwise use or redisclose education records for targeted advertising or marketing purposes.  For more information, please review our FERPA policy.


For any technical problems or further questions, email us at

Google Chrome and Chromebook are trademarks of Google, LLC.
Mac, MacOS, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad OS, and Safari are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
Microsoft, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Modzilla and Firefox are trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation in the U.S. and other countries.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Visit for the current status of Presence services.

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