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Reducing backlog in California

Jeni Rickard

I wanted to work with Presence again because I had such positive experiences previously and it really changed my opinion about teletherapy. I am so impressed with their services and the responses students had to teletherapy.

Jeni Rickard
Assistant Director of Special Education for Pleasanton USD


Due to COVID-19, by the start of summer 2020, there was an inevitable backlog of assessments and minute-for-minute IEP services. Although the state of California allowed some in-person special education services to take place, many providers were not comfortable doing face-to-face meetings and the district needed a solution to get caught up on assessments and provide therapy services.


Using CARES Act funding, the district partnered with Presence to provide teletherapy training and access to the company’s teletherapy platform to its school based clinicians in order for them to conduct teletherapy and tele-assessment remotely which helped them get caught up on services.


With access to the Presence platform, providers are able to continue serving students remotely. Some providers have even caught up on services and are able to see more students than when they were meeting with students in person.

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