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Meeting needs in rural Oklahoma

Sherri Coats, M.Ed.

Prior to Presence, I felt like students were being carried through the therapy process longer than they needed to be. Now, I feel like the needs of students are being met appropriately.

Sherri Coats, M.Ed.
Director of Special Services at Byng Public Schools


Byng Public Schools struggled to build a true relationship with the on-site agency it used to deliver occupational therapy (OT) to its students with special needs. It was seeking a provider that could provide a more collaborative, flexible, and cost effective partnership.


The district partnered with Presence starting in the 2016-17 school year to deliver online OT services to 35 students in grades K-10. From the onset, the Presence therapist was an integral part of the school team as she participated in district seminars, delivered training to special education staff , and communicated regularly with teachers.


Through a close working relationship between therapists, paraprofessionals, and teachers, the district has been able to seamlessly carry over the skills students are learning in sessions to the classroom. Presence also performs OT assessments, helping to ensure that students who need therapy services receive them, and that students who have achieved their goals are able to exit OT services in an efficient manner.

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