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Celebrating success

Since 2009, our modern therapy platform and clinical network have empowered schools, agencies, and clinicians to reach more children with diverse needs.

CalPac Charter Schools Removes Barriers with Kanga’s Platform

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Our mission is to support and encourage all students to relentlessly pursue their life goals by providing an accessible, inclusive, and personalized learning community.

California Pacific Charter Schools,
Newport Beach, CA

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Supporting access in South Carolina

Counseling Services Occupational Therapy Online Therapy Platform Speech Language

Skeptical would be an understatement. I thought students would need in-person therapy to build relationships with their therapists and make progress. But, I was very wrong about that.

Lori Pate
Assistant Principal of Kershaw County School District

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Mary Luhr
Our students are excited to attend their online therapy sessions. We were concerned with students staying on task during sessions, but they are really engaged with the online SLPs.

Mary Luhr
Director Of Special Services at Norfolk Public Schools

Empowering clinicians to do what they love. Helping children access the services they need.

Easing caseloads in Oregon

Speech Language

It’s a great service. It can absolutely work and we’ve seen great results. Students definitely make progress and it has lightened the loads for on-site SLPs. I wouldn’t hesitate to say it is highly recommended.

Erika Bare
Special Education Teacher at Medford School District Office

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Two students working on a assignment together

Empowering future therapists

Online Therapy Platform

Students are engaged in the platform and excited to practice delivering assessments. As a professor, it’s helpful that I can access a range of content, activities, and assessments all within one central platform so that I can show my students a variety of real life scenarios.

Tiffany Gaines smiling

Tiffany Gaines
Assistant Professor and Clinical Supervisor

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child walking to school bus in the snow

Improving teletherapy quality in Maine

Online Therapy Platform

I had heard about Presence throughout the years, but I wanted to make sure my clinicians were the ones choosing which platform they’d be using. They tested various teletherapy platforms and ultimately concluded Presence was the best one for them.

Heidi O’Leary
Director of Special Services For MSAD 75

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Sherri Coats, M.Ed
Prior to PresenceLearning, I felt like students were being carried through the therapy process longer than they needed to be. Now, I feel like the needs of students are being met appropriately.

Sherri Coats, M.Ed
Director Of Special Services At Byng Public Schools

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