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Three Ways School Leaders Can Do More In Less Time

Nearly 15 percent of all US public school children require special education services. And the number of students with special needs in general education classrooms has more than doubled in the last decade. With rising need and a shortage of qualified clinicians available for hire, school administrators are scrambling to do more in less time.

3 Ways To Unlock More Time, Reduce Job Tasks
There’s no doubt workflow tasks steal from essential one-on-one therapy time. School leaders spend valuable time identifying, recruiting, and hiring staff and clinicians to meet disparate student needs. Onboarding and operational processes bog down day-to-day administration with paperwork, training, and staff scheduling. When responsibility for student success falls squarely on leadership’s shoulders, knowing exactly the kinds of services a child has or hasn’t received is pivotal to managing parent and team communication. Tracking down that documentation from several sources, meetings, and clinician follow-up swallows up hours in an already packed schedule.

What if it didn’t? Imagine if workflow tasks were easily completed with a click or two of a button. Technology can help ease most of these tasks and give back lost time. Here are three important ways schools can use a modern therapy platform like Kanga to get things done faster.

  1. Group Licensing
    Onboarding and operational processes can consume a day with the back and forth minutia for things like new-hire equipment distribution and licensing. A huge timesaver is group licensing, or bulk provisioning, which allows administrators to manage technology licenses for groups of clinicians all at once. Clinicians get up and running on technology faster, and leadership streamlines what’s typically a burdensome one-at-a-time process.
  2. On-demand Student Progress Monitoring
    School leaders can quickly review student documentation and session details including therapist notes and progress from anywhere. Less time is spent tracking down providers or digging through tons of programs–it’s all housed in one HIPAA-compliant solution.
  3. Shared Reporting
    Administrators can export and share essential therapy details to stay abreast of the latest support efforts, track IEP compliance, and manage provider assignments so every student can get the best possible support available. Here’s a demonstration of a clinician exporting student data in Kanga by Presence.

Learn more about how to spend less time on administrative tasks and complicated workflows. Presence proudly offers Kanga, an award-winning, HIPAA-compliant digital solution that supports diverse needs with extensive resources and therapy content online. Try it for free or learn more about Kanga here.

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