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Neuroscience in the Classroom: An Expert Q&A

Educational neuroscience expert and adolescent behavioral consultant – and SPED Ahead webinar guest – Dr. Lori Desautels stresses the importance of teaching students about their brains to help them regulate their behavior. In the Summer ‘17 issue of SEEN Magazine, our very own Co-Founder and CEO Clay Whitehead conducted a Q&A session with Dr. Desautels to ask:

  • How does teaching students about their own brains affect their behavior?
  • What are some ways educators can teach students about their brains?
  • What are the best ways for students and teachers to reduce cortisol levels to help their stress levels?
  • What are some simple brain-aligned activities that help students succeed as learners?

Read Dr. Desautels’ answers in the online issue of the publication here. For more on the topic, check out a recording of Dr. Desautels’ SPED Ahead webinar “Big Ideas in Neuroscience: Brains, Behavior and Engagement for Students and SPED Leaders” here.

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