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Listen & Learn: Podcasts featuring Presence's Teletherapy Experts

The Podcasts

The podcasts cover a wide variety of topics, ranging over several disciplines, and draw on the insights and deep teletherapy experience of our PresenceLearning clinical experts. In addition, in discussion with the various podcast hosts, the PresenceLearning clinicians share information on Therapy Essentials, and how the PresenceLearning platform with its powerful therapy tools, games, and activities, can help practitioners—speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, school psychologists, social workers—better support and engage their students and clients.

Telepractice Today with Kim Dutro Allen and Dr. Todd Houston

Kim Dutro Allen, MS, CCC-SLP,  and Dr. Todd Houston host the Telepractice Today podcast to share the latest news, strategies, and insights from other professionals providing therapy services online today. As telepractice continues to grow, the Telepractice Today podcast will help you learn more about how you can use technology to serve your clients and patients more effectively.

For the first part of our “Learn from the Teletherapy Experts” podcast series, we’re excited to share the three podcast interviews the Telepractice Today hosts did recently with our featured experts, covering the Therapy Essentials platform, digital assessments, and using occupational therapy to support mental health outcomes.

Listen to the PresenceLearning experts on Telepractice Today here:

We initially built the PresenceLearning platform for use in the school setting and we’ve adapted [the PresenceLearning platform] for Therapy Essentials so it can also be used outside the school setting. This includes behavioral mental health services.

Stephanie Taylor

To learn more about the Telepractice Today Podcast visit here.

Telehealth OT Podcast with Dr. Reina Olivera, DrOT, OTR/L

Dr. Reina Olivera, DrOT, OTR/L hosts the Telehealth OT podcast where she gives a voice to occupational therapists, parents, caregivers, and patients to share their telehealth stories. In her own words, since PresenceLearning has offered a specialized teletherapy platform and services for over a decade, Dr. Olivera “figured why not learn from the best?”

In this podcast, Dr. Olivera speaks with our PresenceLearning clinical experts, exploring first how they got into their careers—Tasha Perkins Holmes shares her unique OT story and Kristen Martinez shares how she became an SLP after taking a neuropsychology class. And after a little personal background, the conversation takes a deep dive into PresenceLearning, how PresenceLearning works with schools and clinicians, and how  the Therapy Essentials platform is now available for clinicians working in private practice. With some tough questions about conducting teletheapy sessions from Dr. Olivera, you’ll learn about cameras, AAC devices, tech support, professional development, and features of the platform.

Listen here for a great conversation.

We developed Therapy Essentials to reach more people. It’s a suite of tools and resources including tech support, training, our proprietary platform, games, and assessments—it’s the whole package therapists need for delivering services virtually.

Kristin Martinez

To learn more about the Telehealth OT Podcast visit here.

OT School House Podcast with Jayson Davies, OTR/L

Jayson Davies, creator of OT School House, writes, “During the pandemic, teletherapy found its foothold as the world shut down and continues to now reopen. However, despite schools and businesses reopening, this is just the beginning of the story for occupational therapy and the doors that have opened in the world of teletherapy.”

He invites Kristin Martinez, M.A., CCC-SLP & Tasha Holmes, MOT, OTR/L from PresenceLearning, to discuss how they adapted during the pandemic and where they see virtual services headed as the world continues to become more engaged in teletherapy.

Listen to the full episode and view a transcript of the episode here.

For OT, that second camera makes a real difference. It frees up your mental bandwidth to provide better therapy. The PresenceLearning platform has tools and features built in to help you provide better service, and observe the student’s work. It allows the kids to have fun but also allows you to be creative in your practice.

Tasha Perkins Holmes

To learn more about the OT School House Podcast visit here.

The Speech Science Podcast with Matt Hott, Michael McLeoud, and Michelle Wintering

This podcast is dedicated to answering the question: What is Communication? Matt, Michelle, and Michael are all licensed and certified Speech and Language Pathologists. They break down the latest in Speech and Language Therapy, interview leaders in the field, and apply evidence-based practice to their discussions. On this episode the group looks at burnout, their favorite apps for online therapy, and Michelle interviews Kristin Martinez from PresenceLearning.

Listen here.

The PresenceLearning platform was built for our clinicians, so with training modules in the Therapy Essentials offering, we pivoted to offer it to school based providers. Now we are able to offer it to private practices, clinics, universities, and agencies. There are different tiers and models based on what you need and your organization, especially in regards to assessments.

Kristin Martinez

To learn more about the Speech Science Podcast visit their website.

Our Experts

Tasha Perkins Holmes, MOT, OTR/L, BCP, has provided occupational therapy services in a variety of occupational health settings with patients in age groups spanning from toddlers to the elderly. She spent a decade providing school-based OT services to students both on-site and as a teletherapist. Tasha joined PresenceLearning in 2014, and currently serves as a Clinical Quality & Resource Manager.

Stephanie Taylor, Ed.S, NCSP, received her Educational Specialist degree from Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. She started her career in education as a high school English and Special Education teacher. After several years of teaching and seeing how much impact the school psychologist had on the whole student, she earned her degree in school psychology and began serving a wide variety of students, schools, and communities. After joining PresenceLearning in 2014, Stephanie leveraged her years of experience in education to develop and launch psychoeducational services, aimed at providing School Psychology Services, tele-assessment, and general Behavioral and Mental Health services to vastly underserved students.

Kristin Martinez, CCC-SLP, received her M.A. in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has been a speech-language pathologist for over 20 years. Kristin provided speech-language services to children in her local school district and in private practice before starting as a teletherapist with PresenceLearning in 2013. Kristin has supported teletherapy services for hundreds of school districts and has presented on the topic of teletherapy nationwide, and currently serves as the Clinical Director, SLP & OT,  for PresenceLearning.

Interested in seeing the PresenceLearning Platform and Therapy Essentials for yourself? Learn more today!

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