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Celebrating Our SLPs in May

Better Hearing & Speech Month logo

Every May, ASHA‘s Better Hearing & Speech Month raises awareness about communication disorders and the role of ASHA members in providing intervention. The 2017 theme is “Communication: The Key to Connection.”

We couldn’t agree more – proper communication is the key to connection! It’s the foundational skill supporting children’s relationships with families, friends and educators; their learning in the classroom; and their ongoing success. Because of this, speech-language pathologists and audiologists play a CRUCIAL role in students’ lives. Their diligent evaluations and thoughtful intervention strategies can most certainly change a student’s life for the better.

Our online clinicians work hard year-round, but we most certainly will share our thanks for them this month! How do you plan on showing your gratitude and spreading awareness? ASHA compiled many resources, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Post the 2017 Campaign logo on your social media accounts, blog, website, etc.
  • Show your followers you support Better Hearing and Speech Month by adding the this profile picture filter to your social media accounts
  • If you’re posting or tweeting about Better Hearing and Speech Month on social media, use the hashtag “#BHSM
  • Share this presentation about how SLPs serve students with autism with your educators and parents
  • Have students fill out these why I love my audiologist or SLP signs and share them with your clinicians
  • Share how you’re celebrating Better Speech and Hearing Month with the world
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