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Presence Schools

The leader in online special education services.

Rely on our therapy planning, reporting platform, our live online therapy and evaluation services to expand your capacity to deliver special education and mental health programs.

3 clinicians working on lesson plans together in their shared office space

1,000 +


750 +

School Psychologists + Mental Health Professionals

200 +

Occupational Therapists

Specialists in serving students with special needs.

Expert clinicians to deliver therapy, conduct evaluations and support case management. Software to enhance therapy planning, administrator visibility and student engagement.

Support for pre-K through 12 special education programs

Expert clinical network and therapy platform tailored to the needs, language, and goals of students with special needs.

  • Improve outcomes and engagement with our modern therapy platform featuring interactive content from top publishers
  • Leverage our network of licensed clinicians with expertise in speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral and mental health, and more
  • Reach students with multilingual and multicultural content

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Clinician gesturing to their patient in a virtual therapy session
Jennifer Derbrifge
We had a hard time finding enough speech-language therapists for all our students. Now our students are being seen consistently and we’re seeing bigger improvement.

Jennifer Derbrifge
Special Education Coordinator, Bonneville Joint School District, ID

Solve for staffing shortages




Take the first step today.

Take the first step today.

Teletherapy. Simple. Powerful. And here to stay.

When the global pandemic shut down schools, online therapy provided reliable services for students. Today’s teletherapy solutions have changed what’s possible—empowering providers with new ways to reach children, modern documentation and scheduling tools, and trusted compliance.

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