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New Resource Kit from Presence Provides Educators with Brain-Aligned Strategies to Help All Students Succeed

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SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2017 – PresenceLearning, the leading telehealth network of live, online special education related service providers, has released a free resource kit to help educators address the emotional, social, and academic health of all students. The kit includes an expansive collection of research and writings by scholar, author, and speaker Dr. Lori Desautels on neuroanatomy and the science behind strategies that help students — and those who work with them — to better understand themselves and their needs, and to prime the brain for learning.

The kit, “Brain-Aligned Strategies: Addressing the Emotional, Social, and Academic Health of all Students,” can be downloaded at:

“One third of all students in K-12 are walking into classrooms with a brain architecture that is not neurobiologically wired to attend, synthesize, and retrieve academic content,” said Dr. Desautels. “The brain-aligned strategies highlighted in the new resource kit provide a plethora of ways educators can begin to engage students, build connections, and deepen learning.”

In addition to the resource kit, Dr. Desautels also recently partnered with PresenceLearning to lead the webinar “Big Ideas in Neuroscience: Brains, Behavior and Engagement for Students and SPED Leaders,” during which she provided valuable insight about educational neuroscience and recognition of our schools as living systems. Dr. Desautels illuminated how and why educators, clinicians, and administrators must care for their own brains and hearts to bring about big change. To watch a recording of this webinar click here.

To learn more about PresenceLearning, visit

About Dr. Lori Desautels

Dr. Lori Desautels is an Assistant Professor at Butler University in Indianapolis with a focus on educational neuroscience, trauma and special education. Before coming to Butler, Dr. Desautels taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Marian University in Indianapolis, worked as a school counselor in Wayne Township in Indianapolis, was a private practice counselor and a behavioral consultant for Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis on the adolescent psychiatric unit. Dr. Desautels has conducted workshops and professional development throughout the United States and in Dubai on Mind Brain Teaching and Learning. Dr. Desautels holds a BS in Special Education from Butler University, an MS in counseling from Indiana University, and Ph.D. from The American Institute of Holistic Theology with an emphasis in early adolescence/ thought formation. She has authored two books entitled, “How May I Serve You, Revelations in Education” and her most recent, co-authored with Michael McKnight is entitled “Unwritten, The Story of a Living System,” published by McKenzie Wyatt in January of 2016. Dr. Desautels is a featured writer for Edutopia, an international online publication for educators.

About PresenceLearning

PresenceLearning ( is the leading telehealth network of providers of clinical services and assessments to educational organizations. The PresenceLearning care network has provided over one million sessions of live, online speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral interventions and mental health services, diagnostic services and assessments, and early childhood services for children with special needs.


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