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Mental Health Awareness: Strategies to Support Inclusive and Innovative Care of Students Year-Round

, Primary Category: Behavior and Mental Health

Loneliness, isolation, and aspects of violence in our communities are only a handful of difficult issues students confront today that affect their mental health. As the U.S. youth mental health crisis continues, it’s essential that policymakers, school leaders, educators, and providers work together to deliver effective student mental health supports.

This edWebinar candidly explores post-pandemic student trauma, mental healthcare, and current funding information by deep-diving into both the challenges and opportunities that school-based providers currently face. Hear from four expert panelists, including school psychologist Stephanie Taylor, Ed.S., NCSP and Vice President of Clinical Innovation and Outreach at Presence, on inclusive care practices and innovative teletherapy and hybrid delivery models that ensure students receive equitable, accessible care.

Key learning objectives:

  • Recent policy and funding updates at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Strategies for addressing barriers to accessing mental health care for underserved students
  • Recent data on what support parents are looking to schools to offer
  • Takeaways on the future of providing mental health supports to students

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