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Staying out of Due Process in Special Education

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  • Headshot of Julie Weatherly, Esq.

    Julie Weatherly, Esq.

    Owner of Resolutions in Special Education, Inc., and Member of the State Bars of Alabama and Georgia

School administrators know: blunders can and do occur in the development and implementation of educational programs for students with disabilities. Process- or content-related mistakes can be the basis for finding a school system has denied FAPE (free appropriate public education). All school personnel should be trained about the development and implementation of IEPs, especially with the expected impact of the shift toward emphasis on student achievement. Educators and SPED staff must do their best to engage parents in the IEP process and to avoid mistakes that may lead to litigation and that could be fatal to a school system’s legal position. This presentation will highlight five practical “do’s and don’ts” that SPED administrators need to remember when implementing the requirements of the IDEA and when training staff to do so.

Please note: Certificates of attendance and/or continuing education opportunities are not available for on-demand webinars. Any references in the videos only apply to the live webinars attendees.

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