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Building Academic and S/E/B Progress for All Students

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  • Headshot of Howie Knoff, Ph.D.

    Howie Knoff, Ph.D.

    President, Project ACHIEVE/Partner, Creative Leadership Solutions
  • Headshot of Clay Whitehead

    Clay Whitehead

    Co-Founder, PresenceLearning

How do you structure a strong foundation for progress toward increasing academic outcomes and bettering school climate? How can you design a program that reduces referrals and minimizes the need for disciplinary action? Research and practice demonstrate that effective classroom management and student instruction in social, emotional, and behavioral self-management is a blueprint for success! Dr. Howie Knoff shares evidence-based approaches for helping all students learn and demonstrate effective interpersonal, social problem-solving and emotional coping, conflict prevention, and resolution skills. Join us for an engaging presentation and discover how to build staff confidence and students’ self-management skills.

Dr. Howie Knoff is a top international expert on school discipline, classroom management, student self-management, and interventions with behaviorally challenging students. He has been a university professor (22 years), a state Department of Education school improvement director (13 years), and a consultant for over 35 years — working in every state in the country. Dr. Knoff received his Ph.D. in School Psychology from Syracuse University, and has authored or co-authored 18 books, published over 100 articles and book chapters, and delivered over 2,500 papers and workshops internationally. Two of his books: “School Discipline, Classroom Management, and Student Self-Management: A Positive Behavioral Support Implementation Guide,” and “Stop & Think Social Skills Program” are national best sellers. Dr. Knoff is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (School Psychology), a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and a Licensed Psychologist. He was the 21st President of the National Association of School Psychologists, which represents over 25,000 school psychologists nationwide.

Please note: Certificates of attendance and/or continuing education opportunities are not available for on-demand webinars. Any references in the videos only apply to the live webinars attendees.

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