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Are All the Students Well? Optimize Funding to Promote School Mental Health Programs

, Primary Category: Behavior and Mental Health

Are all the students well? The short answer is, no, they are not. The Biden-Harris Administration has responded to the youth mental health crisis and announced actions to strengthen school-based mental health services: 1) awarding funding to expand access to mental health services in schools and 2) encouraging governors to invest more in school-based mental health services. So, how do schools begin to build much-needed mental health programs?

Learn from Presence thought leaders Kelly Wolfe, vice president of public affairs and advocacy, and Bonnie Contreras, clinical partnership director, as they discuss how schools can optimize funding and begin creating their own school mental health programs to meet the wellness needs of all students. You’ll learn:

  • Federal and state funding opportunities
  • Programs allowed under federal funding initiatives
  • Guidance on using Medicaid and incorporating digital therapy tools
  • Building social wellness, a mental health team, and a crisis plan
  • How one school shifted resources to reach program success
  • Steps to take today

Meet the Speakers

  • Headshot of Kelly Wolfe

    Kelly Wolfe

    Vice President of Public Affairs and Advocacy at Presence
  • Headshot of Bonnie Contreras

    Bonnie Contreras

    Clinical Partnership Director at Presence

Please note: Certificates of attendance and/or continuing education opportunities are not available for on-demand webinars. Any references in the videos only apply to the live webinar attendees.

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