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Visionary Voices: 8 sources of inspiration for education leaders

Peer groups, podcasts, and other go-to’s for school leadership guidance

Where do school district leaders find their inspiration? How do they become better coaches? What’s the relationship between psychological safety and collaborative leadership? Staying up-to-date with the industry’s latest insights is critical for professional development, but pinpointing the most impactful information can be a challenge. In this episode of Visionary Voices: Up Close, we connected with 8 leaders from the #WomenLeadingEd community to explore the resources that hone their skills and help them level up their day-to-day. Tune in for an exclusive look at peer favorites, from workshops and personal networks to books and podcasts.

“I absolutely would start with Women Leading Ed for sure. The network is so large and just has done an incredible job of connecting women.”

Dr. Margaret Crespo
Superintendent-in-Residence, ILO Group


About The Visionary Voices Series

Visionary Voices sheds light on both the challenges and opportunities facing schools today. Through conversations with veteran education leaders, we explore solutions that empower, enlighten, and enrich all those committed to serving students with diverse needs.

Join us for in-depth fireside chats with educators, experts, advocates, and more. In each one-on-one conversation, we delve into a wide range of themes—from driving innovation to leading through change and supporting school communities. Get inspired by the real-life experiences of each of our Visionary Voices special guests.

Visionary Voices: Up Close asks education leaders key questions of the day. In each short episode, you’ll hear from a diverse group of leaders in the #WomenLeadingEd community on what drives, inspires, and helps them—from recommended reads to podcasts and career-changing resources.

Listen to these thought-provoking interviews to learn, be inspired, and drive positive impacts. Together, we’re transforming obstacles into opportunities and reimagining a future where every student can thrive.

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