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How Technology Can Bolster Teletherapy

Ninety-five percent of therapists expect to be using remote therapy and digital assessment tools within the next five years.* Technology is disrupting modern therapy delivery and the benefits are tenfold. In this blog post, discover what teletherapy is and how a modern therapy platform like Kanga can help you reach more students, improve service delivery, and do more in less time.

What is teletherapy?
When discussing technology, conversation often tilts toward innovation replacing jobs or people. In teletherapy, occupational, speech-language, and psychotherapy sessions are conducted online with highly qualified, certified professionals. Technology emerges as an essential partner that streamlines administrative tasks and session preparation. It also provides desperately needed access to more students in more places who might not otherwise get support.

How technology equals better support
With a HIPAA-compliant platform like Kanga, distance melts away. Customized games and activities let you deeply connect and help students learn just like you would in person. Therapy sessions become engaging places of growth for both you and your students.

Session Innovation

  • Create an online space tailored for every session with your personalized teletherapy room using an interactive whiteboard, dual cameras, and mouse controls to keep learning fun
  • Preload lessons and assessments in personal digital queues for simple lesson planning and easy access
  • Access an expansive digital library of ready-made and customizable lessons, activities, games, and flashcards available from anywhere, at any time
  • Deliver digital assessments onsite or at home, and store everything in one central place

Technology bolsters connection and also gives clinicians the tools to better manage workflow––reducing hours of busywork each week.

Kanga is the administrative game changer for teletherapy:

  • All student information is at your fingertips, with easy bulk upload capabilities for faster scheduling and an at-a-glance view of your entire caseload.
  • Set goals and track growth with digital student profiles where you can see session notes and progress all in one view.
  • Take session notes during a session, and sync them in real time to student profiles.
  • Schedule events and recurring events that automatically appear on student profiles.
  • Export and share essential therapy details so therapy teams can know the latest support efforts and track IEP compliance.

With Kanga, Teletherapy can be delivered in any school setting or in any space where distractions are limited––even in a child’s home or another flexible location. It means you can reach more students in less time, and deliver the life-changing therapy needed when it works best for both you and your students.

To learn more about modernizing your therapy, consider trying Kanga for FREE.

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