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Get to Know Kanga by Presence

At Presence, we always strive to be and do better. We continuously innovate and improve our products to help clinicians, students, educators, and parents. Many of our ideas to change and grow come directly from you—our valued customers, our dedicated end users, and our thriving, inspiring Presence community. We listen to your insightful feedback, share it throughout the company, then get together to determine which ideas to focus on first.

Today, we are beyond excited to reveal our latest innovation with you: Kanga, a therapy platform designed for clinicians, by clinicians.

Kanga is an evolution of the Presence award-winning proprietary platform, previously known as Therapy Essentials. We adapted it to better serve the needs of clinicians who work in schools, private practices, staffing agencies, and higher education institutions. Our new platform and our new brand represent the direction we are headed and the value we’re placing on innovation and user experience. And we want you on this amazing journey with us, experiencing everything that is possible with Presence.

Why Clinicians Love Kanga

Simplified, Streamlined Caseload Management

Time is of the essence for navigating busy therapy schedules and tracking student information, so Kanga tackled some big ease-of-use and convenience barriers for you.

  • Bulk upload caseload information for success during the school year and beyond with pre-built caseload templates
  • Simple step-by-step processes to populate student information based on your active caseload
  • Easy-to-use interface built to amplify convenience for clinicians
kanga by presence learning dashboard

Centralized Student Information

Stay organized and informed with Kanga’s new Student Profiles feature. You’ll find all the student and service information you need in one convenient location.

  • One-stop-shop for your student data
  • A quick way to bulk upload all your student information
  • Access relevant student information like contacts or goals in student profiles
  • Find different services, related documents, events, and IEP goals fast and in one central place
  • At-a-glance view of important due dates and timelines
kanga by presence learning dashboard

Facilitate Therapy Management Easily

Facilitating therapy management is simpler now with the capability to pre-schedule sessions on Kanga.

  • Schedule sessions on the platform in just a few easy clicks
  • Search for upcoming sessions in the same location where therapy delivery takes place

Document Session Notes & Track Metrics

To help maintain compliance, this new feature offers everything needed to effectively track student sessions and progress with data to meet treatment goals.

  • Document session notes before, during, and after a session with a student
  • Identify the type of service you are performing for easier tracking
  • Identify attendance categories for easier make-up sessions
  • Track metrics for specific goals during the session for smoother reporting and continuous progress tracking
  • Access all documentation from the student profile for consistency
kanga by presence learning dashboard

Self-Service Administrator Tools

Users are more empowered than ever to make updates with Kanga’s easy to access and easy to use administrator tools.

  • Easily access and adjust your profile in the system
  • Assign licenses to users and change permission status

Expanded Clinician Capabilities

Life just got easier for clinicians with Kanga enhancements that create more access and offer more engaging content and digital assessments.

  • The therapy room is accessible from anywhere with well-known features like the queue for content planning and organization, readymade game boards, and an interactive whiteboard to name a few
  • A robust suite of content and features for clinicians, including mouse controls, timers, and other handy tools that were built for clinicians to thrive
  • Comprehensive digital assessments by leading publishers embedded into the platform
  • One central location for clinicians to upload their own content and activities.
  • Access to curriculum on relevant topics including behavioral and mental health solutions

High Fidelity Sessions

Kanga includes crisp, clear audio and video updates to engage students more deeply in the platform’s activities, games, and media.

kanga jungle adventure game

That’s not all!  We’ve simplified the platform onboarding and sign-up process for new customers, so that individuals can get up and running on the platform in no time.

Try Kanga for FREE today or learn more about Kanga by Presence on our website.

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