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Eight Online Speech Therapy Resources for 2023

Nearly 1.4 million U.S. individuals ages 3-21 have speech or language impairments. That’s equivalent to the population of a top 10 U.S. city like Dallas, Texas. It’s no wonder speech-language therapy roles are expected to outpace the average growth for all occupations over the next decade.

The demand for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) is the result of a perfect storm of factors. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted learning which made online speech therapy––a teletherapy that had been growing for years––an effective and necessary way to support special needs. The success of online therapy converted deniers and paved the way for a modality that now reaches more individuals in underserved areas, expanded access to specialized service providers, and has sparked the growth of innovative therapy platforms like Kanga.

Unique Benefits of Digital Therapy

You can provide online speech therapy in almost any setting, whether working remotely, in a clinic, or onsite at a school. Aside from reaching more students and saving time, going online offers some unique benefits that in-person therapy can’t, including:

  • Anonymity. Attending therapy online in a private place or at home avoids undue attention from class peers.
  • Comfortable environment. Online activities and games reflect how youth connect with friends today. Also, many feel more comfortable participating online than in person with a clinician.
  • Improved low-instance support. Clinicians can create therapy groups across settings and include others at home, in rural districts, or in different buildings on the same campus.
  • Extensive therapy resources. Digital games, activities, assessments, and case management tools can be accessed anywhere, at any time.
Eight Digital Therapy Resources You Can’t Live Without

Labeling SLP digital resources as extensive is comparable to saying the Grand Canyon is a little large. Using modern platforms like Kanga, clinicians gain access to hundreds of digital activities, games, and materials that can be customized for every interest. Resources also extend beyond session materials to administrative support so clinicians can streamline workflow and better manage caseloads. The list of advantages is long, but these eight go-to resources will have you reaching for them as often as you check your phone.

  • Integrated digital assessments. Formal standardized tests from top publishers like Pearson, ProEd, WPS, and Riverside are translated into the digital therapy platform. You can conduct assessments remotely with the validity and administration standards equivalent to being in person.
  • Site share and boom cards. This unique feature allows you to co-browse sites that drive interest, like PBS Kids or boom cards, while on the platform and during sessions with students. Together you can play games, read content, or watch videos from any site on the internet and stay within the platform to track session notes and more.
  • Interactive whiteboard. Transform any document or worksheet into an interactive experience where you can mark up, draw, and point things out with students during the session.
  • Digital flashcards and timers. Essential therapy tools like flashcards and timers are built right into the platform so you can access them at any time during a session. No more carrying bags full of resources to every location, they are embedded in your program.
  • Ready-made seasonal activities. No need to scour the internet for ideas or activities to celebrate holidays or a change of season. At your fingertips is a library full of clinician-approved seasonal activities to keep sessions relevant and engaging any time of year.
  • Digital games. Therapy often can look like play but valuable lessons are learned when activities are engaging and feel more like fun than work. Tons of games can be customized based on the student’s interests. In addition, the platform is equipped with pre-built game boards turning almost any topic into a learning event.
  • Faster scheduling. Easy bulk upload capabilities allow for quick scheduling and an at-a-glance view of your entire caseload.
  • Easy tracking. Set goals and track growth in digital student profiles where you can see session notes and progress all in one view. You can also save time by taking session notes live, during a session, and syncing them automatically to student profiles.

Kanga empowers you to reach more students with online speech therapy—try it FREE.

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