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Frequently Asked Questions

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For Schools and Clinicians

Where do students go for online therapy?

Online therapy can be delivered in any school setting: resource rooms, classrooms, computer labs, libraries, and any other space where distractions are limited and the student can focus on the screen. It can also be delivered in the child’s home or another flexible location. Paraprofessionals, SLPAs, COTAs, classroom aides, parents, and other helpers support students during therapy sessions. A student receiving mental health services online often requires a confidential area with a window or glass door to ensure both privacy and student safety.

Who are your online providers?

Presence has a large and growing network of highly qualified, licensed clinicians, including speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, mental health professionals, and school psychologists who partner with your school team. All providers must be licensed in the state(s) where they live, as well as the states where they serve students.

What are the licensure requirements to do teletherapy?

To provide services online, our clinicians must be fully licensed and cleared in the state where they reside as well as the state where they are providing services (where the students live).

Can you complete evaluations online?

Yes. Our clinicians have performed more than 6,000 online evaluations using commonly used assessments from HMH, Pearson, WPS, Riverside, and others.

What kind of materials are used?

Our clinicians use digital content that is interactive, fun, and clinically sound—including stimulus cards, interactive games, videos, and goal-directed activities—all of which are available in our digital content library. This online library contains curated items from top publishers, such as Highlights and Hasbro, that enable you to create personalized sessions for every student. Our platform also has the assessments you need from top publishers, built right in.

What is an online therapy platform?

An online therapy platform is specially designed to serve children with speech, occupational, and behavioral and mental health needs in an online environment, as they work toward their IEP or counseling goals. The Presence platform is HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant and was designed specifically to deliver teletherapy services. It includes assessments from top publishers and digital content to reinforce skill development and personalize therapy, along with tools to help clinicians streamline their workflow, keep sessions on track, and drive meaningful outcomes. For schools, a therapy platform can help with adapting quickly to a remote or hybrid model and with filling critical gaps in in-person therapy delivery.

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