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Presence’s Kate Eberle Walker Named EdTech Company CEO of the Year

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Presence, a premier solution for PreK–12 remote special education-related and mental health evaluation and teletherapy services, today announced CEO Kate Eberle Walker has been named “EdTech Company CEO of the Year” in the 6th Annual EdTech Breakthrough Awards. The annual awards honor excellence and recognize innovation, hard work and success across the educational technology space.

“In education, ‘breakthrough’ ideas take years of effort and validation to deliver sustainable impact, and Presence has built its strategy over many years,” said Eberle Walker. “Since 2009, we have been on a mission to demonstrate the benefits of teletherapy to school special education programs, building a leading network of clinical professionals supported by our cutting-edge teletherapy platform. We believe that because of our work, more diverse learners have been served, and more clinicians have benefitted from career paths with remote work. It’s a great honor to be recognized as a breakthrough leader of a breakthrough company.”

Eberle Walker is an education industry leader with more than 20 years of experience leading high-profile education companies. She has served as CEO of Presence since 2019.

Presence equips the largest network of teletherapy providers with award-winning technology and end-to-end clinical support to meet the needs of schools, students, and clinicians today—wherever they are. The Presence network of over 2,000 clinicians serves students at over 10,000 schools in 47 states across the country. These schools span rural, urban and virtual settings. Under Eberle Walker’s leadership, Presence has delivered over 6 million teletherapy sessions to students with diverse needs.

Eberle Walker is an advocate for representation in leadership. She is the author of the book The Good Boss: 9 Ways Every Manager Can Support Women at Work. Building on the lessons from her book, she has led many corporate events and training sessions to educate managers on how to create more thoughtful and inclusive work environments for the underrepresented groups on their teams. She leads a majority-female C-Suite at Presence, reflecting the commitment of Presence to represent its majority-female employee base, majority-female provider network, and majority-female educator community.

Eberle Walker’s leadership at Presence has been nationally recognized. Last year, she received the ASU+GSV Power of Women Award, which honors female leaders who are creating a world that ensures that all people have equal access to future opportunities. The award winners are leaders who inspire the world with their success by increasing access to education and workforce skills for millions of learners globally. Presence, too, has received many national accolades for its innovative work, most recently the Fortune Impact 20.

Prior to joining Presence in 2019, Eberle Walker was CEO of The Princeton Review and, and she led corporate strategy for Kaplan, Inc. She serves on several education-focused boards, including Babbel and Barnes and Noble Education.

The EdTech Breakthrough Awards is conducted by EdTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies and solutions in the global edtech market. This year’s program attracted more than 2,500 nominations from 17 different countries around the world.

“We’re proud to recognize and celebrate Presence’s Kate Eberle Walker as the 2024 EdTech Company CEO of the Year,” said Steve Johansson, managing director at EdTech Breakthrough. “Presence’s success is a testament to Kate’s leadership, her passion, and her unwavering commitment to the field of teletherapy and to making a positive impact on the lives of students, schools, and clinicians.”

About Presence

Inspired to drive solutions for the national shortage of school clinicians, Presence is unlocking the potential of schools and clinicians by removing traditional barriers to success through an elevated approach to teletherapy. As a trusted leader since 2009, Presence is innovating how schools assess and address student special education-related and mental health needs. By equipping the largest network of teletherapy providers with award-winning technology and end-to-end clinical support, Presence is meeting the needs of schools, students, and clinicians today—wherever they are. With 6 million remote evaluations and teletherapy sessions conducted throughout the U.S., schools and clinicians trust the experience and expertise of Presence, a pioneer in school-based teletherapy. Presence is teletherapy, elevated.

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