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App Terms and Conditions

I understand and acknowledge that:

  • PresenceLearning App will utilize a Soapbox Labs’ proprietary voice technology (“Soapbox”) to capture a recording of Child’s voice (“Voice Data”), this will be done anonymously and will not be attributable to Child (Parent will only be required to provide Child’s age and grade level in order for Child to participate in the Trial);
  • A licensed PresenceLearning Speech Language Pathologist (the “Clinician”) will review the Voice Data in connection with the further development of the PresenceLearning App; and
  • SoapBox will also store the Voice Data in its systems and will use the Voice Data for its own product development and enhancement services, all in accordance with SoapBox’s privacy policy;
  • The Clinician will be supported by members of PresenceLearning’s technology team who may be required to access the Voice Data to provide technical support for the Trial and the further development of the PresenceLearning App.
    In connection with the trial, I will be expected to download the PresenceLearning App for Child’s use and that I may, but am not required to, monitor or sit with Child while Child completes the assigned tasks.

I further understand and acknowledge that participation in the homework trial is voluntary and neither Parent nor Child will receive any compensation, payment, or royalties in connection with participating in the PresenceLearning App trial and that by signing this form:

  • I consent to Child’s participation in the Trial, including the use of Child’s Voice Data in the development of PresenceLearning App and  I understand that the Voice Data will be kept confidential at all times;
  • I grant PresenceLearning and Soapbox a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, sub-licensable license to use the Voice Data and related data for product development and enhancement purposes; and
  • I acknowledge and agree that the Voice Data may be stored on PresenceLearning’s systems.
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