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SCHOOL YEAR 2024-2025

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Partner with a leader in PreK-12 remote special education service delivery for students who need speech-therapy, occupational, and mental health services.

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Explore solutions for the upcoming school year

Does your school have the resources to meet the growing needs of your diverse students? Are you looking at a new year of evaluation backlogs, compliance concerns, and overworked staff?

Schools need solutions that address today’s shortage of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and school psychologists. Whether you’re looking to implement a new service delivery program or supplement your on-the-ground staff, we have the experience to help you start the new year right.


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Meeting diverse needs with a leader in teletherapy for schools

We handle assessments, help with IEP/ARD facilitation, and provide much-needed therapy services for students. Since 2009, we’ve supported nearly 10,000 schools in 47 states and delivered over 6 million sessions. Our extensive experience working with PreK-12 districts, licensed clinical network, and award-winning technology can help your school stay on track next year by reducing backlogs and relieving on-the-ground staff. Students receive the services they need—and you stay in compliance.

Speech-language therapy

Speech-language therapy

Our licensed SLPs take care of evaluations, writing/updating IEPs, case management, scheduling, and conducting engaging 1:1 or group clinical therapy.

Behavioral and mental health counseling

Behavioral and mental health counseling

Using a multi-tiered system that addresses anxiety, bullying, family changes and more, our certified mental health professionals support your school through remote mental health counseling.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy

From assessments to therapy services, our skilled OTs work with your students on motor and self-care skills, sensory regulation, and more through our interactive teletherapy platform built to deliver occupational therapy.


Special education-related therapy services that fill the gap

Every year, schools are overwhelmed by students needing assessments or requiring services according to their IEPs. The nationwide shortage of licensed clinicians means many students don’t get the essential help they need, when they need it. With 13+ years of average professional tenure, our clinicians work with your onsite staff, providing expert special education-related therapy services. Our clinical network can help you identify and serve the needs of your diverse learners.

Clinical expertise

Clinical expertise

Access our nationwide network of 2,000+ licensed speech-language, occupational, and mental health clinicians

Leadership and experience

Leadership and experience

Trust in a pioneer of remote evaluations and teletherapy—with comprehensive experience in school and districts since 2009

Award-winning technology

Award-winning technology

Rely on an award-winning, FERPA and HIPAA-compliant platform to engage students and designed with the information school administrators need


Despite an increasing demand for special education services, the vast majority of the U.S. reported insufficient access to special educators as of 2023. Explore new and often-ignored strategies to reshape the future of special education support in schools.

What school leaders are saying

"We are appreciative of the partnership with Presence. We have been building something great here for the last several years and we’re excited to serve more students together."

Primary Support Person
Round Valley Unified School District

"Presence is flexible. We run many different local school districts, and they operate a little bit differently. But you guys listen and were able to get things tracking quickly."

Special Education Supervisor
Saginaw Intermediate School District

"We said “Go” and Presence just started running, and so I'm glad to see all the students that we've been able to serve that we just don't have the staff to serve otherwise right now."

Coordinator of Psych and Support Services
Corpus Christi Independent School District

"We began seeing immediate schoolwide improvements in the scheduling, administration, and completion of assessment testing. This is just what our students and staff needed to create access for all."

Director of Special Education
CalPac Charter Schools

Get set for the new school year

Explore how teletherapy can make a difference in your school. Partner with a leader in PreK-12 remote special education service delivery today.